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This website is designed for both large and small screens. You can read online books with various browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Android, etc.) on desktops, tablets and smartphones. The online app lets you create bookmarks and store the most recently read 10 titles in your bookshelf.

Create Bookmarks

Double click (using mouse) or double tap (using finger) at the paragraph you wish to bookmark. If successful, a red symbol will appear at the beginning of the paragraph. The title with a bookmark is then stored in the bookshelf.

Access Bookshelf

There are two ways to access the bookshelf

  1. Click on the logo (Logo) at the top left of the home page.
  2. Click on Shelf at the top of a book page.

Clicking on a title in the bookshelf will go to the bookmarked position.

Turn Pages

For touch-capable devices, using a finger to touch the left edge of the screen will scroll down the Web page by the height of a screen. In effect, it turns to the next "screen page". Tap at the right edge will turn to the previous screen page.

Note: This feature does not work on Android OS lower than 4.1.0.

Fast Scrolling

For touch screen, the regular scrolling may be too slow if the Web page is very long. Our online app can help you reach the desired position much faster. First, use TWO FINGERS to touch the screen. Two small red vertical bars will appear at left and right edges, indicating the position of the displayed contents within the Web page. Pressing the two fingers at the upper or lower half of the screen will scroll toward the top or bottom of the page, respectively. Then, at the position you wish, using a finger to touch the screen will stop the scrolling. Otherwise, the page will scroll to the top or bottom within 5 seconds.

Note: This feature does not apply to the Windows system and Android OS lower than 4.1.0.

Font Size

To change font size, click on the "Font" link at the top right of the bookshelf page, or from the A button at the TOC page.

Page Layout

Our Web pages are designed to fit both large and small screens. Information about the screen size of your desktop or mobile device is stored in the cookie of your browser. By default, every browser is set to accept cookies because they are very useful while you navigate through a website. If you have changed this setting to disallow cookies, you may not be able to see correct page layout.

Page layouts are based on the screen's viewable width, which may change when you alter the orientation of your device. The screen size stored in the cookies will be updated whenever a new page is loaded. If you feel that the page layout does not look right, just reload the page by refreshing or visiting other pages.